Reflexions Sea

  Kamari (Kamari, Santorini)


Hotel Information

An A’ class traditional complex that provides exclusively studios & apartments. In Santorini Reflexion Sea each apartment has a different decoration and architecture. Its landmark is the Santorinian arches (santorinies kamares). The pavement is paved with Santorini volcanic flagstones. Red and black volcanic stones have been placed on the walls of the bar and on the pillars of the courtyard. The pure white walls of the complex are specifically processed so that the light is reflected upon them. This particular technique brings out the strong light of Santorini and makes the building very bright. The bougainvilleas, the jasmine, the cactuses and all the plants enhance the lines of the building and offer their sweet smell and beauty to you. The Santorini Reflexions Sea constitutes a beloved subject of painters and photographers due to its splendid architecture and its unique location.

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