July 20, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Santorini Nightlife!

There are many things that make Santorini rank on top of the world’s most exciting destinations. The great volcano of the island, its impressive caldera and its unique beaches are only a few of them. Most people have heard bout the famous Santorini Nightlife but feel that it might be a little overwhelming for them. Well, rest assured  that Santorini offers plenty of nightlife options that can meet every taste. In this post we are going to offer you a detailed guide of the best spots for entertainment in order to enjoy the true essence of Santorini. 

Best Santorini clubs 

When it comes to Santorini nightlife, the first thing that is going to cross your mind is clubbing until morning. Hence, here are the best Santorini clubs for all the party animals who want to experience firsthand the famous Greek entertainment. 


If you want to party with the locals, Mamounia is actually the best choice for you! Mamounia is a spacious night club with both indoor and outdoor spaces. In this club the music played is usually Greek. Hence is the favourite spot of the locals. In Mamounia you will have the chance to learn how to dance the famous dance tsifteteli, a Greek variation of the belly dance. If you plan to visit Mamounia you should be prepared for partying until morning as the real fun starts after 1 p.m.

Enigma club

 If you want to mix some traditional vibes to your nightlife in Santorini, then Enigma club would be an ideal option for you. Enigma club opened again its doors after its renovation in 2016. Enigma club is built in a cave room in the capital of the island, Fira. Enigma is the ultimate club on the island for those who are keen on electronic and house music. In Enigma you will find world-famous DJs that set the nights in Enigma on fire. Moreover, if you need a short break from the loud music, you can enjoy your drink on a patio outside the club. All in all, Enigma is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy techno music in a beautiful building of traditional Cycladic architecture.

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Best beach bars in Santorini

If you want to enjoy your drink in hand walking barefoot on the fine sand of the beach, then you would absolutely visit the best beach bars of Santorini and delve into the tranquil atmosphere created from the azure Aegean Sea. 

Tranquilo beach bar

Tranquilo beach bar offers exactly what its name suggests, which is a beautiful essence of tranquility. Tranquilo is well-known for its comfortable sunbeds on the beach and of course for its refreshing cocktails, with the most famous among them being its amazing mojito. Tranquilo also offers a delicious menu with many vegetarian options, in case you want to grab a bite while partying. Last but not least, Tranquilo beach bar hosts amazing Latin parties with bands playing live music. This makes it the perfect place if you want to move your body in the rhythms of Salsa. 

Wet Stories 

Wet stories beach bar is another gem of the famous Santorini nightlife! Its comfortable sunbeds and its huge beanbags make it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy your drink on a hot summer night on the island of Santorini. Wet stories hosts some of the best beach parties on the island with DJs playing live music and delicious cocktails being served.

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Best alternative bars

If you are looking for unique nightlife experiences in Santorini that are quite far from the conventional forms of entertainment, then you should visit those one of a kind bars in Santorini!

Kira Thira Jazz bar

If you have a soft spot for ethnic vibes, then Kira Thira Jazz bar will be your favourite place to hang out during your summer vacation. There you will have the chance to listen to some wonderful tunes of Jazz, Latin but also African music. Kira Thira bar has a long history in Santorini nightlife, as the bar operates for almost 30 years in a row offering great memories and stories to tell, to both locals and tourists. 

Franco’s bar 

Franco’s bar is an option far beyond the ordinary, ideal for those who want to experience a more elegant side of Santorini nightlife, as this amazing bar plays only classical music. Franco’s bar settles on Thira and offers stunning views on Santorini caldera and sunset. There you can relax enjoying the cocktail of your choice and the Cycladic summer breeze. If you visit Franco’s bar we definitely recommend you to try the “Maria Callas Champagne Cocktail”.

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Reading this article we hope you got some pretty useful insights about which are the best places in order to enjoy Santorini nightlife to its fullest. 

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