August 24, 2022

How to Spend the Perfect Santorini Honeymoon!

Santorini is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations! Visiting Santorini during your honeymoon not only will give you the chance to admire breathtaking landscapes shaped by the islands’ impressive volcano, but you will also have the chance to live the ultimate romantic experiences in your time there! You see, the island offers plenty of amenities and activities especially designed for couples who want to celebrate their love, having the most romantic time of their life in Santorini! 

However, in order to do so, you need to plan carefully your honeymoon deciding which of those are the one that you want to include in your perfect Santorini honeymoon!

In this article we are going to offer you some pretty useful tips in order to have the perfect Santorini honeymoon!


First things first, one of the most vital things to consider in order to have the honeymoon of your dreams in Santorini, is your accommodation. We recommend you to choose an adult only hotel to enjoy the feeling of secluded serenity and delve in to the true meaning of holiday on a paradise on earth like Santorini! La Mer Deluxe Hotel & Spa is one of the most luxurious hotels in Santorini, located on the picturesque village of Kamari, just a few meters away from the famous black sand beach. 

This amazing hotel is dedicated to offer high-quality hospitality services to its visitors! La Mer provides you with plenty of amenities that will make you indulge in a romantic mood as a couple. Those include relaxing spa services, candlelight decoration and breakfast in bed. La Mer Deluxe Hotel & Spa, also offers you a wide range of rooms in order to choose the one that suits your personal needs and budget with your options ranging from comfortable and relaxing standard rooms to luxurious suites with private Jacuzzis.

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Things to do in your Santorini Honeymoon 

Santorini is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon, as it offers a great variety of romantic things to do as a couple!

A romantic sunset tour

To begin with, there is nothing more romantic than admiring the colorful Santorini sunset, holding hands with your other half. You can enjoy your sunset tour either taking on a boat tour during sunset, exploring the view of the beautiful caldera in a whole new perspective, as the colorful sun merges with the azure Aegean Sea! Moreover, you could enjoy together the sunset of Santorini visiting the most famous spot for gazing this amazing spectacle, which is no other than Oia!

An exciting wine tour

Another thing that you could do in your honeymoon is taking on a wine tour! Santorini has a great tradition in viticulture and wine production! A wine tour is the ideal way to delve into them! Taking a wine tour in Santorini, you will have the chance to visit the best wineries of the island and learn all about winemaking from local producers! Furthermore, you will have the chance to taste some exquisite local wines along with traditional treats, during wine tastings!

Enjoy cocktails by the sea

Lastly, another romantic thing that you could do with your soulmate is enjoying a cocktail by the beach, visiting one of the famous romantic beach bars of Santorini! Maybe the most romantic among them is Theros Wave bar settling on the lunar landscape of Vlychada beach. There, you can taste unique dishes and refreshing cocktails in a tranquil environment gazing the Aegean Sea merging with the white sand of the beach. 

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How to move around Santorini?

We understand that in order to have the honeymoon of your dreams everything needs to be perfect! That means that you will need to have a safe and hassle free transportation to enjoy your time on the island to the fullest. If you want to enjoy a luxurious transportation, we would recommend you to book a transfer. However, if you want to have complete autonomy during your honeymoon, we would recommend you to rent a car, that will perfectly meet your taste and needs and explore every corner of the island!

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Kamari Tours is a leading Santorini agency that offers high-class services in all aspects of tourism including car rentals, tours, hospitality, etc. Having a great experience in the field, our goal is to create for you unforgettable moments on this majestic island.