August 18, 2022

Island Hopping in Cyclades: Experience the Aegean Sea!

Are you looking for a detailed guide about island hoping in Cyclades? Then you are in the right place! In this article you will find all the necessary information about the concept of island hopping holidays and how to experience it to its fullest. Moreover, you will discover why island hopping in Cyclades is one of the best ways to delve in to the true essence of Greek summer.

What is island hoping?

Island hopping describes the practise of visiting many islands in succession as a part of your holiday. This way of spending holidays has gained a lot of popularity during the recent years, especially among those who seek adventure and versatile experiences during to their vacation in order to make the most of it! Island hopping is ideal if you are planning to visit a destination located on an island group like Cyclades. In this way you will have the chance to admire many sceneries and sights. 


Cyclades is the most famous group of islands in Greece and also ranks among the most popular destinations around the globe. There are many reasons behind of that, but the most important of them is that there, you will find the most beautiful islands of the world. Cyclades are famous for their traditional blue and white architecture, their long sandy beaches and their azure sea. Cyclades are also the home of one of the most important prehistoric civilizations, the Cycladic one. Despite the fact that the 33 islands and islets of Cyclades share some common characteristics, there is also a great versatility among them.

Let’s now see which are the most beautiful islands in Cyclades and what makes each of them special!

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Santorini is one of the most famous Greek islands mostly known about its great volcano which has caused many other things that you will only find in Santorini. For example, once you get in Santorini you should absolutely visit its beautiful volcanic beaches which have unique colorings because of their volcanic sand. Moreover, in Santorini you will find many wineries as the island its famous for its exquisite grapes, which acquire their unique taste by its volcanic soil. Last but not least, Santorini its famous for its amazing sunset! The most popular place to watch the sunset in Santorini is the castle of Oia settlement. From there you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the caldera, as the sun sets in the azure Aegean sea.

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Mykonos is the most cosmopolitan Greek destination and many consider it to be the heart of Cyclades. Over the years Mykonos has been interwoven with glamor and luxury as it ranks on the top destinations for celebrities. If you are looking for an exciting Greek Summer experience, then you should not miss the chance to visit Mykonos, as there you will find the unique combination of traditional Cycladic vibes and cosmopolitan allure! You see in Mykonos you will find many luxurious hotels and many restaurants which combine cuisines from all over the world. Mykonos is also known to be the queen of parties and nightlife, offering endless options of relentless entertainment.

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Paros is a place of unparalleled natural beauty! That is why every summer it attracts all kinds of tourists from families to young couples and lonely travelers. Visiting Paros will help you discover a more tranquil side of the Cyclades, which is bound with the islands’ Byzantine tradition. The capital of the island is the beautiful settlement of Parikia with many picturesque Cycladic houses but also impressive neoclassic mansions. There, you will find the impressive ecclesiastical Monument of Panagia Ekatontapiliani Church, which was built around 600 AD and is considered being one of the most important landmarks of Paros.

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Naxos is the biggest and most fertile island of Cyclades and is located right in the middle of it! Due to its versatile landscapes, Naxos is home to many different ecosystems, making it a great option for nature lovers. Naxos is also a place with great history, dating back in  ancient times. The most important historical landmark of Naxos is Portara. Portara settles on a small islet of Naxos, named Palatia. It is actually a marble gate of an unfinished ancient temple dedicated to the God Apollo. Another thing that makes Naxos a truly great destination is the vast selection of cultural events that take place on it, along with its many picaresque cafes and restaurants!

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Why to choose island hopping in Cyclades?

Island hopping in Cyclades is actually one of the smartest choices you could make if you have decided to visit Greece and you want to live a full experience of Greek summer. First of all, choosing island hopping in Cyclades gives you the opportunity to visit many high-profile destinations at a much lower price range. Moreover, because of the really short distances between the Cycladic islands, hopping from one to another is really pleasant and hassle-free. Choosing the right package of island hopping in Cyclades for you is the perfect way to organize your vacation in order have an amazing time in your dream destinations and make the most of your vacation on the Aegean sea!

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