July 13, 2022

Things to do in Oia: Α 2022 Guide!

Oia is maybe one of the most beautiful places to visit in Santorini. The impressive cliffs of Caldera, the traditional houses carved in the rock, the bold pink blossoms of bougainvillea flower in combination with the deep blue color of the Aegean sea, compose an amazingly beautiful canvas that leaves anyone who looks at it in awe! So, it is only natural that every tourist who visits Santori should definitely also visit Oia. What most tourists don’t know is what are the best things to do in Oia in order to make the most of their excursion. In this article you will find a revised guide about the best things to do in Oia in 2022.

Enjoy a boat tour

An one of a kind experience that you should definitely combine with your excursion to Oia, is a boat tour. Taking part on a boat tour you can visit the small volcanic islands facing Oia, located on the caldera sea and enjoy your bath in the hot springs of Nea Kameni. After that, the boat will sail to Oia in order to give you the opportunity to admire its amazing sunset! 

Watch the famous sunset in Oia

Watching the sunset in Oia is one of the most thrilling experiences, that you could ever have in your life. What makes Oia sunset so special is the unique geographical location of the settlement. Oia is built on top of the impressive caldera cliffs, offering the most majestic views, as the sun sets in the turquoise waters of the sea, creating an amazing palette of colors in the sky. This postcard scene is completed with the blue domed churches of Oia which add some spiritual vibes to this fairytale landscape.

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Visit the famous blue-domed churches of Oia 

The traditional orthodox churches of Oia are maybe the most eye-capturing landmarks of the settlement. They also probably rank among the most photographed churches of Greece, as they offer shots of amazing beauty, complimented harmonically by the Mediterranean sea. 

 The first church that you should visit as soon as you get to Oia, is Anastasi Church. Anastasi church was built in 1865 and is dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus. The most distinctive characteristic of this church along with its blue dome, is its pink bell tower. 

Agios Spyridon  church was contracted 2 years after Anastasi church and is located just 10 meters away from it. Agios Spyridon is the epitome of the religious Santorini architecture, having a blue dome and a matching blue bell tower.

Visit Ammoudi bay 

One of the things that you can’t miss, visiting Oia is taking down the carved in rock steps and visiting the Ammoudi Bay. This small cove with the crystal clear sea is nested on the foot of Oia and is surrounded by red volcanic cliffs. Ammoudi bay is actually a quite cosmopolitan spot in Santorini with many taverns serving delicious Greek dishes and a beautiful waterfront.

Hike the trail between Oia and Fira

The hiking path between Oia and Fira is about 10 km long and will offer you some of the most stunning Santorini views.The duration of the hiking is usually about 4 hours but that depends on the pace that you will have. This amazing excursion will offer you a whole new perspective of the Santorini island. During your hiking you will have the chance to admire the Mediterranean nature of the island and the impressive Santorini caldera in all its glory. The best time to walk the trail is early in the morning or late in the afternoon as the heat in the middle of the day, might overwhelm you.


Shop Souvenirs 

Oia is full with small souvenir shops. From there you can buy beautiful souvenirs that will help you cherish your memories from Oia and Santorini forever. Moreover, you can buy some gifts traditional Santorini vibes in order to offer them to you loved ones. Among all those beautiful and picturesque shops, the place that you should absolutely visit first, is Atlantis bookstore. This small bookstore offers a great variety of books that you can buy for you or your loved ones. Moreover, its cozy and warm atmosphere make it the perfect place to spend your summer afternoons in Oia.

We hope that you found this article quite informative about the best things that you can to in Oia, Santorini in 2022. Oia is one of the many amazing destinations on the island that you can explore by booking one of the amazing tours offered by Kamari Tours Operators.